Connecting with… Nan Zamata – Women Repair Zone Instructor

Starting this week, you’ll get a chance to know some of the women who teach Women Repair Zone workshops. This week we are spotlighting Nan Zamata. 

Nan Zamata, a Chattanooga resident and Women Repair Zone instructor, met Bea Lurie at the 2019 Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga Home Show.  Bea is always on the lookout for experienced new instructors and was impressed by Nan’s expertise.  Following an interview over coffee, Nan signed on to teach Changing Outlets and Switches, Rewiring and Repairing Lamps, and Repairing Drywall. 

 “I do believe in Bea’s mission. I think there are a lot of women out there with valuable skillsets, and it’s good to pass those skills on to others,” said Nan.

At one of the workshops that Nan taught, Rewiring and Repairing Lamps, she received great feedback on the evaluation. 

  • “Extremely useful – everyone leaves with new skills and confidence they can do it!” –Susan S.
  • “What a gem of an experience. I liked the hands-on approach in this class. It was very helpful to actually remove switches so that I could do it at home. I feel much more confident approaching electrical work at home.” –Bonnie S.

Please click here to read the full interview about Nan! What an inspiring and motivating story! 

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