Connecting with… Bonnie Schafer – Women Repair Zone Customer

Now that you have gotten to know several instructors, we are shifting gears to an interview of one of our customers. Enjoy learning about Bonnie Schafer! 

Bonnie Schafer, an entrepreneur with a virtual business, moved to Chattanooga about four years ago. She admits she is a mountain girl at heart and loves the Laurel Mountains of Southwestern Pennsylvania, which she calls home despite being born in Arizona. Her move to Chattanooga was prompted by the need to be closer to her mother to help with her care. While here, she has certainly made use of the workshops offered by Women Repair Zone. 

“I first heard about Women Repair Zone from an ad on NOOGAtoday — an online paper that I receive in my email each day. I was excited to learn more, and the rest is history!” Bonnie has participated in a number of workshops: How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by a Contractor, Plumbing Basics, Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget, Pressure Washing the Right Way, Changing Outlets and Switches, Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Budget.

“I enjoyed all of the workshops equally!  I’ve always received so much helpful information that I was able to use, and I cannot wait to participate in more and learn more. I am a huge fan of the workshops and of this business,” said Bonnie.

Please click here to read the full interview about Bonnie!

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